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So do you? Please post results if you do know any :D

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cool thanks- good strong bassline

We wouldn't know about these bands if they were unknown you know.

A distinctly Canadian band: Propagandhi

A crack rock steady band: Leftover Crack

A regular band: Black Flag

A british band: The Exploited.



Thanks man, ill check them out now :D


THAT FIRST BAND IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!- i cant understand why they're not famous

and the second band is pretty good too- although those links didn't have the bands acual music so i had to find theír myspace page- BUT THANKS :D

The link works for the downloads. For Brutal Dildos, Its

I'd recommend that you grab a program called "JDownloader" and copy/paste the download link and download the files through that program.


That site is amazing for getting unheard of bands from all over the world. 

Search for Guddommelig Galskab! :D

I know some good punk bands!

And, you can download all of it right here!! :)

Just click at "MP3" and then there is like... 200 punk bands from all over the world! Contra la Contra and Blok 1A is pretty awesome! - and you can see beside the bands name which kind of punk it is.. ENJOY!

thanks dude ill check them out later
Go to myspace and search for Rag Rage. They're a local band here in chattanooga and have a female lead singer I go see them at the underground punk club here a lot. Check 'em out! :)


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