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So do you? Please post results if you do know any :D

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The Diffs

they're pretty awesome. you might be able to find them on myspace still.


I think they are pretty big in cali, but where im from no one has really heard of them.  

haha- I dont

Thanks that band is great- amazing ska-punk

Baby eating dingo. 
They're out of atlanta 
One of my fav bands
are they white pride though?
I dont think they are  . . . . nope, they arn't because one of their influences is Bad Brains. And yeah, I was a bit cautious of them as well, considering Rat Bastard's political views . . .
I would have warned you if they were. I'm friends with the lead singer and bass player
there are 345734957395789435 unknown, great punk bands out there(both new and old) you should start searching for music blogs, there are tons of them.


we are a florida pop/skate punk band and doing well for ourselves for how new we are.


you can check us out at:


Thanks :)


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