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Anyone else live in a town with absolutely no punk scene?

No local bands no other punks, just a bum fuck town.

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that would suck if i had that problem. i live in chicago, where its at! u should move here
I hear ya. I grew up in a hick ass redneck town. Got the fuck out of there as soon as I could, it was deadshit boring.

Where I am, it used to be 90% rednecks to 8% condescending rich people....the rest were average joes like my parents.

Now it's 30% ghetto/white trash creeps, 30% wannabe gangstas/preps, 30% rednecks, 5% condescending rich peeps....the other five percent is quickly being drowned out.

The other day for the very first time I passed a chick with a purple and blue chelseahawk in K-mart and I nearly started screaming with excitement in the middle of the store.

Other than that....nope. No bands, no colorful friendly people whatsoever.

Ahh, La Crescenta. Suburb of the stuck up skater, home of the hollister, den of the dickheads, abode of every armenian on planet earth. 







Yep, me and my stoner buddy are the only two punks for about 30 miles

200 students.

preps, mormons (no offense i have freinds who fall under this catagorey), skids, "cow boys/gals", drones, and even a couple sluts both male and female.

1 punk me

so what

I do, there's about 55 people in my school and nobody even got the guts to go punk,

Only punk in my area, but i live in the country down in south carolina.....

What part of SC?

I live way out in the forest, fuck.

theres just me and one other kid in my school. thats it. i dont mind it to much tho. if i drive for a half an hour down town or something there is quite a few more.



it takes 1 to make a scene.  if you build it... they will come.  be yourself.  Start the trend.



it shouldnt be a trend. just saying. leggings are a trend. punk (for the most part) is a mind set.


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