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Does anybody here like grind or and type of metal? I like grindcore, technical, and melodic.

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Fuck Anal Cunt suck so badly.
Fuck yes. Love the piece that Dennis Dread did for Phobia which incorporates that into it. Guy's done most of their art and has done pieces for Darkthrone and Axiom as well...killer fucking detail and he does it all with ballpoint pen.
I wish i was that good :P
I was making a patch with that quote for my new vest, but i am going with "global abortion"
Me too. Actually planning on getting a piece of his tattooed that's the chaos arrows with a fetus in the center holding a gun with four of the arrows having injection needles in the them and the other four crosses that say 'Submit, Obey, Consume, Fear.'
Nice! Sounds like it'll come out sick either way...
Yeah I can't say A.C. is good. But there are a few like Brodequin, Katalepsy, Guttural Secrete and mortician just to name a few.
I fucking love it...the screenname doesn't give that away at all. Don't like A.C., ANb is good but I like Scott Hull's work with Pig Destroyer better. Personally more into grind bands like Phobia, Rotten Sound, Assuck, Nasum, Cripple Bastards, Mumakil and the UK bands like Extreme Noise Terror and Napalm Death who started out touring with bands like the Subhumans.
I saw this kickass fucking Deathgrind band called Eat The Living last weekend. The lead singer was a girl and it was incredible!!! I havent heard music that good in a LONG LONG time.
Nice!!! There's a lot of females that tear it up properly in death/grind such as those in Estuary, Nuclear Death, Bolt Thrower, Cripper. Fuck all that prom dress metal shit that's become a plague these days
I recently discovered a female-fronted grind band called Skarp.
Pretty much been listening to them non-stop for the past week or so. I'd say they're worth checking out.
Ahh, fucking good. Love the aggression and versatility on their album Requiem along with the bonus that is Matt Harvey (Repulsion/Exhumed) doing guest vocals on 'The Plague'


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