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fuck yeah weed is the best drug ever gettin fuckin baked feels great i meen weed makes everything better it makes food taste better the music sound better shit everythin is better with weed its like an instant connection with nature not to mention it can be used as paper , fuel , clothes ,medicine and thats just some of the uses shit i fuckin love cannabis sativa!!

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i so agree. ;D
if I did smoke weed I would say its fucking awesome and fantastic its a miracle plant!,,BUT thats if I did smoke,,lol
fuckin amen!!!  weed is my bestfriend everyday.   and clinics just make it evem better, always great kush , they sell it cheaper than street dealers( i.e. me lol) , annnnd they give you way more,

whats ur favorite way to blaze?? mine is always the might blunt, and then i guess my second favorite is my bong(spardacis) , its got an ash catcher , its like when you hit it you dont even feel a burn cuz its double filterd through water,

if I did smoke lol,,dutch masters all day kid,,lol and if I smoked back in high school I would have used a water bong,lol
im a bowl person myself. ever tried a steam roller? its like amazing. nuff said.
i think mine would beee yeh blunt and second would be pipe and yea man weed never lets me down! its always their to help me in my needs XD jajaja`

it made my day to see this post lol..

ummm... you guys,

you know weed is ILLEGAL, right?

and it's ADDICTIVE, and will ruin your life.














...just kidding! ;)


OH fuck yeah!! Weed is practically my whole fucking life!
lets blaze together! i agree with everything you just said. ever put your headphones on and listened to music while stoned out of your fucking mind? i think its one of the best feelings in the world. who needs other drugs!? sativa, indica, everything! FEED YOUR HEAD!
Your post just reminded me of the song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane i love to listen to that song when im gone.


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