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well i aint got loads of people on my pal pad yet so if you play post your friend codes here :) taaa

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YES! im a pokemon master :D


ive already finished black and white. i play it on an emulator tho. as i cant afford to buy a DS. so i cant trade and battle online :(

 i should be getting a tax rebate soon tho. so i might purcahse myself one :D

also if you like pokemon and metal check out my band :P

The Cinnabr island Disaster. We suck. honestly we're terrible ;P
HELL YES! I draw them too!
im a master of pokemon blue!
lmao,,lmao that was wrong on so many levels but but funny as hell
eff yeah !
Not since pokemon green,,lol its kind of funny because I think they are running out of colors to use,the new ones are  simply called black and white,lol
I stopped at emerald, so basically once it transferred over to DS, that's when i called it quits. I like pokemon though; i'd get into it again. I'll probably buy black or white version once i buy a DS, or maybe a 3DS sometime this year.
yeah pokemon GLs been delayed :(
i play pokemon all the damn time! what version you play? ill post my pal code for that version if i have it. soon to be gettin the black or white version
I don't know if it counts because I'm 15, but I have 220 or so Pokemon cards and 4 pokemon games, all of which I beat. I'm an anime nerd. And regular nerd.
I love me some pokemon!


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