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I'm currently learning the fiddle (ahem, the Tetris theme right now as I take a break to type this), and I'm just slightly curious to know if anyone knows/or learning how to play an instrument also. Hard to learn, fun to learn, easy to learn, which ever. Stories? I'm learning guitar on the side, but I personally find guitar/electric bass the norm to learn these days anyways. I also find searching for sheet music is really hard on the webz, it's all guitar tabs!! (GRR!!) So maybe some help if you got any wise words to share :)

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 I play the stereo.... and that’s about it anymore.

A few years ago I could play (twinkle twinkle little star, style) the violin, viola, trumpet, and baritone.


I play the bass and some guitar i used to play some trombone wasnt so great at that though ...
bass guitar. i broke my foot, and for 3 months was pretty much fucked. so i just played my bass and got really good at it with nothing else to do to aleviate the boredom. i learned the starwars theme lol. check out the bloody irish boys. my buddy shayne plays fiddle, and hes gettin kind of good at it.  its not my style of music, but they play it well.
I've played viola for about 10 years, it was a pain to learn but it's a lot of fun!
i play bass , in my opinion it is much better than playing lead and far more enjoyable
I don't play anything  tried the guitar once was to lazy to stick with it.

I just bought my good buddy a banjo for Christmas. A used five string used, in great condition too. It was such a rare find a 100 bucks! Then I snapped her C string thinking it was a B (harhar drunken tuning)


Did you teach yourself fiddle/violin or did you take classes? I'm self teaching right now, but I got classes for my b-day, i just gott aphone in and book days

I used to play the Violin, trumpet, clarinet , and a little flute, and ive also had piano lessons. 


But now i play guitar lol 

Guitar, bass, and keyboard related things.
I played violin/fiddle when i was about 10 but was crap. I've played guitar for about 3years and am now learning trombone.

i've been playing Drums & orchestral percussion fro about ten years now, and hopefully going into university the fall in a music program at my desired school. and i've bee nplaying bas for 6 years now. and guitar for 3! good fun all these instruments are, but i've just started taking piano lessons so i'm wicked excited for that!




as for finding sheet music check out it's a wiki site but you can find a whole lot of sheet music there on specific instruments and from songs too.


a lot of obscure orchestral stuff but yeah fun to take a gander at if you please.

Drums here. Quite a lot. Ive been playing around 10 years now. Also touched the guitar a few times but i'm not brilliant there haha.


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