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I'm currently learning the fiddle (ahem, the Tetris theme right now as I take a break to type this), and I'm just slightly curious to know if anyone knows/or learning how to play an instrument also. Hard to learn, fun to learn, easy to learn, which ever. Stories? I'm learning guitar on the side, but I personally find guitar/electric bass the norm to learn these days anyways. I also find searching for sheet music is really hard on the webz, it's all guitar tabs!! (GRR!!) So maybe some help if you got any wise words to share :)

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I started on trumpet in middle school, and throughout high school I learned a few different wind instruments and some percussion. I'm going to college for music education, and its awesome. If anyone is given an opportunity to learn how to play or even read music they shouldn't pass it up. I've never met an older person who says that they were glad that they never learned an instrument.
"This one time in band camp" lol but yeah seriously this one time I was playing the bass drum and I fucking fell while marching. I took the whole tuba section down with me while we were on the bleachers :( But yea I play percussion. I'm a drummer. But I also play almost everything.


 Been playing guitar for eleven years. It's more of a hobby to me. I don't think I take it as serious as alot of other 'guitarists' I meet.


 I don't make friends with guitar players usually... All they wanna do is circle-jerk over Eddie Van Halen or something..


 I would really like to get into the synth realm at some point..

ive tried to pick up bass..but i dont have talent, i stick with my vocals. i have mad talent with those....but oddly am not in a band.
I'm trying to learn how to play the violin...but it's kind of hard when I'm drowning in an over flow of work X/
Ugh, I can't find anything for the fiddle that I'm looking for. Apparently fiddle sheet music is the 'same' as piano. Anyone be able to help me out with this? Maybe try here?

I've played the violin since third grade - its a lot of fun. Just make sure you practice a lot. I made the mistake of slacking off through middle school and I sucked really bad. This year I regained a lot of ground. And if you're really into it - make sure you have a good teacher. It can make a world of difference. 


And I attempted to learn guitar, but stopped. The bass looks fun though, I've always wanted to learn.

Good luck! :D

Man, I have the fucking COOLEST teacher. He's all professional, so he made me really nervous at first. Now we're making jokes about how my fiddle 'get's high and it needs to come down a bit' or laughs when I'm hungover or still drunk. Half hour a week of being made fun of, woo! He says I'm improving really fast for someone my age, which I don't know if it's true but it's certainly encouraging. Only thing is we're learning from the Suzuki Lesson book, and it's boring as FUCK!

I've always wanted to learn bass, but acoustic basses are hard to find here. I bought a guitar on a drunken whim in December, and you know what? I find it really fucking hard.
I played the violin and viola for about 8 years now thinking of learning trumpet soon who knows
Bass, Electric guitar, and trumpet
Bass is the most enjoyable though
I'm a lousy guitar player. I used to be the rythm guitar in my band, but the "promoted" me to vocals without my premission, so I stopped active playing. Now, as before the band, I get to the guitar when I feel like playing, and learning something. Sometimes it' the other day, sometimes it's a month when I feel like playing. ;)


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