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so i saw sun-in at the market the other day, its cheap, seems easy to use, and judging by the chart on back, would either turn my hair blonde or coppery, either of which is good with me.  so now i have to know, whats the catch?  has anyone used it?  any critiques or tips for using it?  is it a hair destroyer?

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one of my friends used to always use that stuff in high school. It works just like if you would put lemon juice on your hair before playing out in the sun (gradual results) and from what i could tell the damage was very minimal.

Wow, I haven't heard of that stuff since I was little!!!! I used mom would put it on me when I was younger. It's very gradual...and being naturally blonde, it just kinda made my natural highlights lighter. But that was spraying it on everyday during the summer time. It didn't destroy or even come close to hurting my hair, but I don't know how well it would work with darker hair, ya know? But by the end of summer, I was pretty light blonde. 

hm, I have almost black hair naturally, and when was out in the sun a lot I got brown highlights(I was out every day for about three weeks). I doubt you will go copper, your hair looks too dark. I think you`d go about a shade lighter than the color you have now(unless you`ve bleached and dyed it before). Any product that makes your hair go lighter will damage it.

I used it allot growing up, it only has a real effect on natural hair (un dyed) and if your in the sun ALLOT but if you meet both requirements it will get ya hella blonde loland no it didnt destroy my hair


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