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had an argument with a kid today about that. i think pot is worse than cigarettes. im not for sure though. You guys should give me some good reasons for either side.

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They forgot to delicious.
weed will mess your head up in the long run, but i've been told that cigarettes will leave more bodily harm than weed.

this is the info i got off my ex-stoner mum.
Cigarettes cause more bodily harm than Marijuana. Cigarettes contain Tobacco, which is a common cause for many cancers, and Marijuana does not. However, Marijuana has been proved to contain four to five times more of certain chemicals that cause other types of cancer that cigarettes do not. There are massive long-term effects on both ends.

Marijuana is more of a mental stimulant than a physiological. The damage it causes is more in the brain and in your blood veins. Marijuana is known to increase your pulsatility index, or PI, which measures the body's resistance to blood flow. This will make it more likely for your brain to suffocate and for brain cells to die. It can also cause issues in your extremities that are commonly found in diabetes. Such as the loss of appendages or causing them to become disabled. The long term effects that affect your brain are the loss of anandamides in your brain, which are receptors to stimulants such as marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol. It also causes chemical imbalances in your brain which puts you at a higher risk for suicide, depression, obesity, and anger. The strain put on the heart can also cause strokes or heart attacks.

Cigarettes are a known cause of cancer, which is one of the top killers in the nation. Lung cancer, thyroid cancer, and tongue cancer are all caused by ingesting tobacco, usually in a smoke form. You can lose your teeth, your nerves in your mouth, and cause your lungs to become weak, which can cause them to collapse. When your lungs collapse it is because the cells that usually hold the lungs rigid and upright have weakened and cause the lung itself to fall in upon itself. This almost always results in death by strangulation and is an extremely painful way to die. Carbon monoxide, a HIGHLY toxic molecule, will attach to your hemoglobin and slowly suffocate your cells, making them whither away and become flaccid, which then decreases the amount of oxygen your body will get and can cause the loss of appendages. Smoking can also mutate your DNA and cause atherosclerosis, which almost always results in death. The effects on the heart are seriously dangerous. Your heart can become so overworked and stressed that it will just shut down, causing death in under 30 seconds.

While most researchers say that cigarettes are indeed worse for you, much is still unknown about the effects of Marijuana on the body. While some say that you cannot get addicted to Marijuana, which is why cigarettes are more dangerous, they are 100% entirely wrong. You can get just as addicted, if not more, to Marijuana. In my own opinion, I think that both are absolutely disgusting and are highly unhealthy. Especially for women. If you ever have the dreams of having children, I advise you to stop, especially smoking Marijuana, as it can stay in the breast tissue for upwards of 20 years, which will then be passed on to your child while breast feeding. This can cause defects and death in infants.

How do I know this shit? I'm a paramedic, my dad is a paramedic, I volunteer for CAP, the Community Awareness Program, which teaches young kids the dangers of drugs, smoking and drinking, and I'm a damn pre-Med student for hell's sake.
Since I enjoy medical research as much as you do, I thought I would argue one point with you....only one because I actually should be working...oops! Research presented multiple studies suggests that the addictiveness of weed is much less than heroin, cocaine, tobacco and alcohol. There was a study recently out of the University of Bristol which is the most convincing to date. Here is a nice article that I found online recently about it. And yes I do need a life.
Also the addiction to weed is so low that it can be stopped with only cognitive behavioral therapy.
I love you <3 =] lol

That is true, however, you can stop the addiction to tobacco, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol with cognitive therapy as well. Hypnosis has been known to cure it as well.

However, long term, you can become just as addicted to Marijuana. But, it's not a physical addiction, it's mental.
I love you too Erica, it good to have someone to talk medical stuff with!!

Yes but unlike marijuana, all the others "hardcore" drugs have withdrawal effects which cognitive therapy and hypnosis doesn't address. Yes cognitive therapy might be able to "cure" the initial psychological symptoms inherent with adherence to drugs BUT!! it doesn't take into account a psychological reaction from the physical manifestation of the withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana doesn't have any withdrawal effects so...this form of addicting relapse doesn't not occur. Other hardcore drug users experience this form addiction, which is generally harder to control and therefore can form relapses from the cognitive behavior therapy and even hypnosis. Painful withdrawal effects are according to a harvard medical professor as being "the primary, if not the definitive reason, why "hardcore" drugs are more psychologically addicting. They activate a psychological protective mechanism which primary function is to protect the individual from pain. When the psyche feels this withdrawal pain, it natural reaction to grasp onto the substance that prevented the pain in the first place."
Oh yeah and as for the cancer causing risk, there have been conflicting studies over the last couple of years. Just 2 years ago there was a study published in 2006 by Donald Tashkin of the University of California, Los Angeles suggested there may be no significant link between smoking cannabis and lung cancer. The results indicated a slight negative correlation between long and short-term cannabis use and cancer, suggesting a possible therapeutic effect.

So everyone smoke more pot, jk.

Also a 1997 study examining the records of 64,855 Kaiser patients (14,033 of whom identified themselves as current smokers), also found no positive correlation between cannabis use and cancer.

Another study published On May 23 2006, Donald Tashkin, M.D., Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in Los Angeles announced that the use of cannabis does not appear to increase the risk of developing lung cancer, or increase the risk of head and neck cancers, such as cancer of the tongue, mouth, throat, or esophagus.The study involved 2252 participants, with some of the most chronic marijuana smokers having smoked over 22,000 marijuana cigarettes
According to medical research written in the New England Journal of Medicine and British Journal of Medical Sciences. There is a two dimensional approach to assessing which drugs are considered "worse" for you. On one hand there is the physical harm that a foreign substance does and the other is psychological/physical dependence. Weed is slightly less physically harmful than tobacco but not by much. On dependence, tobacco is higher than weed. So overall, tobacco is considered more harmful in the medical community.
weed has no physical withdrawls at all, mentally maybe, i've smoked cigs for 5 years i am definatly addicted to them first thing i do when i wake up is have a smoke, that craving are hard to explain to someone who doesnt smoke. kinda feel out of breath with a weight pressin on down on my chest (sometimes i mistake the feeling of nicing out for feeling cold, or hungry kind of the same feeling, atleast for me) I get shaky, and aggravated. i've smoked pot, for longer then cigs,, and there not addictive phyically, mentally yes, but theres no physical cravings, anyone who wants to argue that im not gonna waste my time to respond. congrats on the straightedges peeps out there respect, never start smoking your basically paying the government to kill you...

On a side note, if your schizophrenic, weed can bring that out, not sure about other disorders, but im fairly sure about this fact. So if theres a history of schizophrenia in your family you shouldn't be smoking pot.

pot is the least harmful recreational drug still moderatly bad for you but, less harmfull then cigs and liqour(I will argue this with anyone) yet your government sells you that. The american government, has done studies, that shows pot isnt as bad as they thought, but they didnt publish this information.. if you want facts on pot read a study that is not funded by the government.
i wish i could copy and paste this shit into my brain cuz thats alot to tell this kid. haha
cigs r worse than pot
no doubts at all but no matter what weed still makes u stupid

i only smoke weed evrey now and then
so i aint adicted to it
but its dedication if u dedicate ur life to cigs like smoke a certain amount evrey day then theyll get adictive no matter what

pot i wudnt say is as adictive
its adictive in a psychological way

other drugs are adictive[herion, coke, speed,ect......]
Weed doesn't make you stupid "/ It fucks with short term memory.. thats it. who the fuck needs that anyways :)

As for weed being addicting, I do enjoy weed and I smoke it often.. but at the same time there is no addiction to it. I have quit weed cold turkey on more than one occasion for my probation and I have had no withdrawls. I do miss smoking pot when I quit but thats only the love for the high.


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