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I'm looking for something new to try.... I've been drawing more and more lately and it's kind of getting boring. So, I'm asking for some new media...

Something crazy... I don't care, just give me some new ideas.. or maybe twist the old ones (painting, carving, blabla) I'm looking forward to you guys responding!  (:

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Cake! I'm a decorator and it's my favorite thing ever. So much fun and you get to eat it!
My favorite cake I've done so far

I wish you lived close to me so you could make a cake exactly like this for me... so awesome!
thats a wuvely cake
thats fuckin crazy!


I wouldn't have to patience to do that. I would end up eating it on the first tear...

I have been creating art from found items that I paint. I go dumpster diving on weekends and pick up all sorts of strange things to paint on. ( Old coffe tables, floor tiles, clothing, lamp shades, glass figurines, books etc ) And then I sell them on

My favorite item I did recently is an old 1950's record stand I repainted to look sort of like a coffin, I decopaged old sailor jerry tissue paper on the panels in front and did an antique matte black and gold paint job, the inside of the lid that opens I added crushed velvet too and now its my sewing table and I keep material and supplies in it with shelves I added after gutting it... I couldn't bare to sell it becuase it came out really cool, lol.

Its really fun to take something most would see as trash and repaint it and add some personality to it and give it another life, then the very people who threw it away would by it from you at an insane price. lol

Can you link us to your etsy store? I'd love to see your stuff!

the etsy store is closed right now becuase I am moving, as I type this my husband is taking apart the computer desk from under me, lol


But as soon as I get moved I will post my links for some art, or there is some on my facebook


I have some meth heads who tagged my house with what I suppose is gang graffiti... I was not so happy about it... I mean shit I got little kids living here for fucks sake. lol


 But if its something like Banksy's graffiti art I would be happy with it, lol


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