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Atheism is obviously no belief in God. I'm tired of Christians acting like we are the dirtiest fucking thing they ever came across. they can't even realize how fucked their views are. Each religion states that if you don't follow theirs, you're going to Hell. They are fucked, correct? It also states that anyone who has damned someone to Hell is going to hell. almost all religions do this. And they have this fucked up way of believing they can sin their whole lives and if they repent before they die, they're "saved". What's with that shit? And they can believe a smiteful guy in the sky threw together Adam and Eve and they fucked and created us all. Isn't that incest? Wouldn't we all be retarded or some shit? Is it so hard to believe we evolutionized? I believe the bible was either a work of fiction or was created in an era were anarchy ruled, and someone wrote this book to create control and stabability. who agrees?

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right? then they call you "blasphemous" and act like they are the fucking pope cause they are "one with God".

I agree, but I also have to somewhat agree with religions thinking atheists are "the dirtiest fucking thing," seeing as how every atheist I've ever met* (including myself) either does drugs, drinks, has sex, looks funny, or all the above. BUT, I gotta say, more people have been killed by religious wars than disease, so thats gotta say somthing


I've ever met*= experiences may vary

Loll prob cause atheists arnt afraid they are going to be tortured in hell for sinning and looking different :p
My thoughts are that if a person is open minded enough to not have religion, then they're probably willing to look/ act different, also
Shut up. Everything's uniform. And Ireland was the drunkest nation in the world, IT STILL IS. So shut up. "do not judge those who can judge you" And I judge you VERY poorly.

You didn't have an opinion, I did. Again, my disclaimer,  experiences may vary, if you want to get textbook knowledge on the subject you are in every way correct, but I'm just talking out of my ass about what I've seen


Religion makes people into idiots because it takes away their rationality or, rather, parts of it. It's just stupid. And it's religion that tells them about atheists being evil, although there is no logical pathway from being an atheist to doing immoral shit, while there is, as most of us have also witnessed, a very logical pathway from thinking you have the authority to do something because of your "god" and ending up causing a lot of damage (while thinking you're a fucking saint). Religion just pisses me off.


But instead of me ranting, here's a middle-aged guy ranting (xD):

People take it too far and it gets on everyones nerves.
ever watch detroit rock city? those moms on there say it that just wanna listen to music but its against gods rule...fuck is my god

Aww yur so cute!!

Even the word "Atheism'' is pointless because there is no such thing as religion. I hate everything. Including hate.


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