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So I'd tried to a nice intense red, and after some semi research I'd found a few photos of people who claimed to have used Punky Color's Poppy Red and got the color I was looking for. So I bleached out my hair, as I do every time I change colors, and dyed it with the Poppy Red. Well it sure as shit didn't turn out the red I'd expected.

This is what it came out as;

Which is clearly pink. But that's Poppy Red on bleached out hair.

I'm looking for something like this;

(Photo from blackfantastix's DA here.)

So basically I'm asking of those people who have died there hair red, what did you use? I'm looking for a nice red that isn't pink-ish or orange-ish. I am an avid Punky Color user, but if there is a Manic Panic red that doesn't fade in 3 days or whatever I'd be glad to use that. I don't think I can get Special Effects in any stores here.

Halp plz?

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Do you know anywhere you can get it online that ships to Canada without costing 6times as much as the product its self?
three words: black lady dye. seriously..a brand like dark and lovely or something like that. one of the most popular colors is vibrant red, and most will dye strong over black hair too. the first time i used it i had my hair bleached out and it was super intense red. like fire-engine red. after that, i'd touch up my black roots without bleach and the color came out the same...

happy dyings!
My mate pete uses manic panic, not sure which red (if they even do more than one) and that's a good colour, but it does fade quite quickly (but that's mainly to do with the fact that it's red, I had my hair blue for ages using manic panic and only dyed it like once every 2 or 3 months).
I've been bleaching and dying my hair for 5 years now, red is a really difficult colour to have, you'll have to have it done at least 5 times for the colour to settle (depending on your hair and how much you bleached it).
Use Manic Panic either "electric lava" or "pillarbox red" (again depending on how much you've bleached your hair and how well your hair takes in dye). There's this conditioner that makes your colour way brighter, so your red will look way more red plus the conditioner will make your hair smoother after the bleaching, so basically protects your hair, keeps the colour for longer and makes it brighter - John Frieda radiant red colour magnifying conditioner (im sure there's tons of different ones, just see what you can find ).
Once its settled you should be ok with dying your hair once a month (that's if you want to cover your roots, if you don't can last way longer)

Good luck! :)
I used special effect nuclear red and it got my hair to an intense red. There's also this weird hair dye set that you just put on your hair and it bleaches and dyes it at the same time, I don't know if that will work as well but the color stayed in immensely long. like it wouldn't wash out even though it was semi permanent. Recently I dyed my bangs purple with special effects pimpin purple(I think) and manic panic electric lava, and they bled together and made a red looking color.
I used a mix of 3 kinds of Punky Color. Flame, Dark Tulip, and Red Wine.... Same amount of dark tulip and red wine but a bit less of flame (you put too much in and it gets all orange).
If you had to pick only two of them what colors do you think would be best? Where I get it it's about 17 bucks a tub and I can't afford 3 plus bleach aha.
Yea I know it's bloody crazy. But my parents don't like ordering things online, especially from the states because everything gets stuck at the boarder and we get slapped with extra charges. But I convinced my mom do do that deal and I was going to until I realized they only ship to the US. So ): No dice for me.
Shoppers Drug Mart is where I get mine... I think 11$ something for one.
OH... AND If I had to pick 2 I would do Flame and Red Wine.... Dark tulip is pinkish....
Vendeta red over platinum goes well and lasts three to five weeks , bit expensive tho :)
I used splat and the color is a little darker than what you want but it will fade a bit....and for me it lasted probably about 6 monthPr


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