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So I'd tried to a nice intense red, and after some semi research I'd found a few photos of people who claimed to have used Punky Color's Poppy Red and got the color I was looking for. So I bleached out my hair, as I do every time I change colors, and dyed it with the Poppy Red. Well it sure as shit didn't turn out the red I'd expected.

This is what it came out as;

Which is clearly pink. But that's Poppy Red on bleached out hair.

I'm looking for something like this;

(Photo from blackfantastix's DA here.)

So basically I'm asking of those people who have died there hair red, what did you use? I'm looking for a nice red that isn't pink-ish or orange-ish. I am an avid Punky Color user, but if there is a Manic Panic red that doesn't fade in 3 days or whatever I'd be glad to use that. I don't think I can get Special Effects in any stores here.

Halp plz?

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Awesome. As soon as I use up this like 2 and a half tubs of failedredpink I have I'm gonna try that.
cuz i think it really works.
good luck to you! hope it comes out as red as you wish
cuz it is quite the awesome red
I'm a fan of Special FX and Splat!
You could always try those, I've never had a problem with them.



I've been using Nuclear Red for about 6 years now, it doesn't get pink and every wash makes it brighter, versus "what the heck did you try to do to your hair" lol  I've tried Manic Panic, Splat, soooo many pricey ones, NOTHING BEATS IT!!  I'm always experiencing strangers randomly pulling on my hair thinking its a huge extension chunk...  oooh, its a vegan formula so it doesn't damage at all!

agreed, Special Effects lasts longest and comes out the best.

Also, dye usually comes out a lighter color when you apply it to bleached hair. Try dyeing it again before spending money on something else!

i'm hearing tons of good about special effects i'll have to try that next time. WHATEVER YOU DO do not get N Rage. The red will guaranteed dye your hair pink. If you want hot pink go ahead and get it.

It was freakin $19, what was i thinking!

the dye was an awesome dark red for about the first 5 minutes i had it dyed. soon as it dryed it went to a reddish pink. Everyday that i wash it it moves closer to hot pink. Today 5 days after dying it i have hot pink hair.


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