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you have a favorite one?

a band you hate? 

a band you loves as a kid?

a band you hated as a kid? 

a favorite song? 

a  band/song that ALWAYS gets you moving/dancing/slamming/pogoing? 

I'm bored and wanna know. 

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as a kid- kiss,police,duran duran,cars,devo )Teen years-nirvana,stone temple pilots,sound garden,nine inch nails, metallica gwar)Oldman,LOL-psychostick,august burns red,and plenty of my teen year music still gets played

my favourite band is DETHKLOK they are the absolute tits.

I've proper been listening to Alestorm recently. pirate metal its the shit. I'm going to see them at Sonisphere this year :D. I'll listen to anything metal or grindcore really. 

favorite-  leftover crack
hate- my chemical romance-.-
kid love?- system of a down( still like them GREAT BAND)
kid hate :p- coldplay
favorite song- bikeage
blood pumping song- LAUNCH OF TO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR( that exact first line is what gets it started)

Favorite band - To many to choose
Band i hate- bullet for my valentine
Bands I loved as a kid- AC/DC and System of a down
Band i hated as a kid- backstreet boys
Favorite song- dont hae one
Song that gets me pumped- Anything with a good guitar and great drums and a fast pace

you have a favorite one? Uhhhhhmmmm..... It's hard to just pick one.

a band you hate? Too many. Mostly radio shit.

a band you loved as a kid? Queen

a band you hated as a kid? Most pop bands, except for the Spice Girls.

a favorite song? Skanking Madness by the Ripcordz & Burn Them Prisons by Leftover Crack

a band/song that ALWAYS gets you moving/dancing/slamming/pogoing? The Toy Dolls

you have a favorite one? Crass

a band you hate? not really a "band," but any genre that ends in "-core"

a band you loved as a kid? Bad Religion

a band you hated as a kid? never paid enough attention to any music I hated to name one

a favorite song? The Greatest Working Class Ripoff

a  band/song that ALWAYS gets you moving? I know this whole dance

Favorite: That's a hard question but one of my currents is The Dresden Dolls and or Kerli (even though she's an artist not a band.)

Hate: Nickelback

Loved as a kid: Early childhood: The Police or The Newsboys

Hated as a kid: Back Street boys/Avril Lavigne

Fave song: So many to choose from. Urrrhh.. Kerli's Walking on Air is certainly one of my favorites.

Band/Song that gets you moving: The Offspring, Breaking Benjamin, Sara Bareilles.  


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