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What do you think of Punks , even though they look tough on the outside, are actually nice on the inside and prove to people that we are not animals.

Sometimes other Punks are just mean and dont give two shits. 

You may find this Ironic. I mix hippy style with Punk style. And I make it work.

haters gonna hate. 

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I think that would be good.

Too many folk follow a pattern, of 'don't care' and 'others don't matter'.  It's all about themselves.

They forget how remembering to do a little kindness makes not only you feel good, but stops the cynical expectation that you're just a typical, selfish liar and worthless.  Being kind helps with self-esteem too.  What's better than getting back a thankyou and making someone's day by being doing something nice for someone?

It's especially true online, when everyone can see what sort of person you have been over time.

Keep on mixing the two styles and avoid ending up a thoughtless 'animal'. =)

Why thank you! :D


 Ian Makaye once said 'punk is not defineable, so you can't kill it'


 What that means to me is 'punk' is what you make of it. Be it a 'peace loving hippie' punk, or a 'anti-semite nazi asshole' punk and anything in between.


 But I can't say I hold 'punk' to any standard higher than any other demographic. Always going to be people you like in it, some you do not..

Out of what I understood in that whole response. I understood what you meant.
basically no matter what there will be haters. 

Be nice to whoever you meet, not only to stop the stupid stereotype, but to make the world a better place.

It makes me feel less depressed that there are nice people in this world y'know?

agreed. The point I am tryin to make. Some people don't even budge when a blind guy gets on the bus.

That's exactly the way I am :)

awww yay ! :)

my boyfriend and i had just finished grocery shopping and he was putting the cart up and he saw a lady going with hers on his way back to the car. he told her hed walk it across the lot to the cart area for her and the look of surprise on her face was priceless. i thinks its stupid that people only expect us to be synical assholes that only think of themselves.

yeah and people just think were scary

Nice, I grabbed a girl the other day (not like that) who almost slipped on the ice busted her ass. She said "Wow, thanks! I almost crashed hard." She was clearly not expecting me (a mowhawked, chained, spraypainted punk) to catch her. I just smiled at her and said "Were not what most people think."

you totally deserve a hug!


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