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What do you think of Punks , even though they look tough on the outside, are actually nice on the inside and prove to people that we are not animals.

Sometimes other Punks are just mean and dont give two shits. 

You may find this Ironic. I mix hippy style with Punk style. And I make it work.

haters gonna hate. 

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 Very charming ;)

I worked in a retirement home during college, rocking a red and purple bihawk.  For about a week, none of the little old ladies talked to me, they simply made their orders and made catty remarks when I walked away.  I maintained pleasantry and professionalism, and after a while, they just got used to it.  When summer ended and I had to leave for college, they were pretty upset because I'd apparently been one of the nicest waitresses they'd ever had.  One woman told me that "at first, she was scared of people that looked like me (ie, punk), but since meeting me, she's actually reconsidered people and was trying to not judge by looks."

It really made my day, knowing that I could change someone's mind.  Sometimes, I admit, I'm a bit of an asshole, but generally, I tend to throw people off by simply being polite and courteous.  It's fun breaking the mould! 


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