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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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First Hawk.

Cut short

Lettin it grow, colored blue vs yellow

Got rid of the paint making my hair's original color even weird.

Hawk now

What is that dude cutting yer hair with?
lol i have the same shirt as you and ear plug
There are some awesome pics here =P
Deanna Lynn: I love your leopard print (especially the second picture if it) :)
2003, the day I gotta myspace
lookin Super Hot tha day I got a Myspace in 2003, 3, 3 la la lou ie
Dead fucking DEAD
Yay! me
My friend Jasmine wrote on my head with a sharpie

sadly, I don't have any of my devilock
OH and it sucks I don't have any pictures of my bluebeard. I hope I get some fucking pictures of my second hawk once I carve it out.
This would be be WAY before

Then i chopped some off and dyed it pink

i chopped more off and got a fauxhawk

in fact, it was probably the worst fauxhawk i've ever seen

then i got a bit better at putting it up

i ATTEMPTED liberty spikes

then i fooled around with colouring the sides too

i cut the sides down to about a 3 or something

this is the only picture i could find after i shaved the sides down, and bleached it(even though you can't tell)

then i tried yellow and a couple more colours

then i shaved off the sideburns and steps(i wouldnt really call them sideburns but that seems to be what people know them as)

and then this is the most recent :D

haha yeah, i'm going back to yellow soon then just mixing that with green and ill get lime green again.
thats a pretty faded lime green, but thanks! thats the most spikes ive ever done, 16 or around there.
the steps were fun, but my hairs curly and i had to like glue them down if i wanted them straight, which sort of sucked, they were too much work so i just shaved them off.
i don't think you'd look silly, i think you'd look sick! not that you already don't lol i loved the leopard print and the colours you had, that red/orange was super vibrant! it was definatly rad!
whoa! you look hella different with full head of hair!
lol thank you? i think i did too
but i like my mohawk so much more :D

Before the hawk.

After hawk (cut off almost 2ft. of hair. Donated 20 in.)


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