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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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Nice progression, the black and white picture is awsome!

I died my hair black the first time when I was 12, I have roots here

Soon after I cut it off into this weird ugly emo thing.

I tried some odd hair accessories

I tried some purple

then some turquoise

then orange

then I had this weird cut

went back to black

that faded out

bleached it out

Went pink

Then purple and pink

that faded out to pinky orange and blonde

Went back to my natural color and wore it normal for a while

died it black and blonde

Cut it off and put some blue in over the blonde

Dyed it brown

got an asymmetrical

cut it all off and dyed it black

and this is now.
This was over a 6 year period
oh two of these picture are flip flopped it should be :


Thats some serious colour lol
I don't know WHAT you'd call my hair... it's not like any other style I've seen before but I love it :D

So this is before all the madness began, I'm the blonde one

I dyed it red, brown, then black (but all the pics are on my old laptop), I shaved one side and got extensions on the other, and spiked it up alllll over. This is my prom btw I don't go out like this usually :D But i did win best hair that night!

This is when the shaved bit grew out...

And in between that period I was a variety of different colours but again, all on the other laptop, so then I got fed up with having huge huge hair and cut it all off and got a faux hawk

But I didn't feel like 'me' because I really wanted a big mohawk but my job was a bit funny about it, and I thought I looked stupid at the time because it didn't really suit me, so I let it grow and grow and grow and ... dyed it pink :D

And red...

And purple :D

And back to red again...

And currently I'm blue :D (bit faded here)

i love it, you pull it off well!
Me being silly. This was back when I didn't dye my hair and didn't chop it off.


Me with my buddy Kerrigan. Same year as the first picture.

Then I chopped it off and bleached it.

I chopped it off some more and I let my natural hair kind of grow out.

I let it grow out some more. My wannabe Veronica Lake hairstyle. Right after a shower.

After a few days I bleached it and dyed it again...

about a month maybe I shaved the sides off when I finally decided I wanted a mohawk.

I reshaved my sides and redyed it and am letting my mohawk grow out. I dig the colors but the picture didn't really show the true colors of my mohawk.
Fucking love love love the colours in the last pic.
Thank you very much I did it myself. :) I rushed the dye job and I rushed the spiking but I think I did a pretty good job.

So, no more spiking up my mohawk, I dreaded my hair and it has been about a week I would say give or take. Absolutely love it, no more brushing my dead hair and after they completely lock up I won't need hair ties anymore.

I have to say Trashy, this was a pretty damn good idea for a post. Love seeing everyones timelines


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