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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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6th Grade


 I got it layered and chopped it off from pretty long.






Let it grow out 7th Grade



Summer in between 7th and 8th. I bleached a part of my hair and dyed it blue and purple, but it faded really fast.



 Got my first hawk!



8th Grade


 Let it grow out and got better at putting it up. (buzzed the sides too)



Used different colored hair gels



Ran out of hairspray and patience to put it up, so let it grow. 



 Now decided to buzz my sides again and then today I made the sideburns like things, but I gotta buzz the sides again.



^ Side veiw ^


^ Front Veiw ^


First time getting it cut.

First time getting it dyed.

It faded.

Dyed it red.

Let it fade.

Dyed it red again.

Got my hawk. (Not too great at fanning it yet. Any tips?)
Patience and practice. Oh and dont use too much hairspray, it weighs the hair down and sucks balls. There's a huge thread on fanning tips and shit. Maybe try youtubing it. You look great with red hair. :]

This is after a hair cut, my hair used to be over a meter long: 


 Then, straight to a Chelsea:  (There's a random tuft at the crown of my head, but you can't see it here)



A bit of growing out over a year, one failed attempt at getting a hawk by someone who said they knew what they were doing, then I got some weird Rufio/tribal hawk which I don't seem to have pictures of. And now I have the hair I have to day. In various colours I may add. 


Pink and Black:



Then all pink, no pics avail. Then Green: 

Then it went all black, mostly worn in a ponytail (and I'm getting bored posting pictures of myself), then blonde, then pink (Which was probably one of my favs) and now rockin an mahogany colour. Yeah. Pictures in profile if you're really thatinterested. 


long as fuck hair to mohawk. i rocked the long hair for years
Wow, quite a lot of styles!  In some of them you look completely like another person and yet in others you can see a kinda of progression in styles.  The spiky blond cut was pretty cool too.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing though I think the mohawk is the best one of all. The beard is crazy likable though...

Started like this. Long hair. Completely Natural ~

Then Light Brown. I experimented with dark colors and simple stuff like purple and green strands underneath

Then I dyed it DARK brown

First Time Bleaching!!!

then blonde with purple tips!

My hair got to damaged it took $100 to fix it.

After it was "fixed"

Then I got my mohawk!

I redyed it

then blonde!!!

then purple!!!

then a mix of blue and purple 

then back to blonde!

then reddish?

and purple agains

then black and teal!

then i bleached it and it came out like this.

after i redyed it.. (photoshoot for a calendar)

then dyed it reddish and it turned out REALLY RED!

now its a darkish red


the end!!!!

me, age 14:

suddenly, I decided to cut it into a hawk, a good friend helped me: ( I had this style and colour for a long time)

then I bleached it, and got some orange-like colour:

and dyed it blue: (yes, I am the blue hawked girl.)

then shortened it, shaved the sides again:
then I dyed my hawk red, and left the bangs blue:
I had this hair for months, but the summer came, and I dyed it all blue again: (survived 2 festivals and some other great parties :D)

but then I dyed it all red: (hated it)

then I played with black for months:

and now its still black :(( I bleached it too much, so I must heal it.. I cant wait for summer, to bleach it and dye it again!! fuckin miss the blue..

wow, I agree with you on the red, for some reason it just isnt as nice as the others... but literally everything else looked good, the pics with the green ones looked the best I would say :)

First i got it cut like some sort of fauxhawk

Then cut the back off

And let it grow to this:

Till finally I went to the hair salon...

And get my mohawk :)

Before Mohawk-tryin to look tough..or sex eyes


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