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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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Prob the longest it's been, about 2010. I had done pretty much every color in HS, no pics though and pretty standard layer cuts. My fringe was tinted blue here

colored it purple and cut it a bit

Then short purple

Wet back to blonde and cut it way short
Went rainbow for the hell of it, it had grown a bit (this was for an Emilie Autumn concert)then someone fucked up my hair, so my cosmo friend gave me this cut to fix it. I then realized I adore having short hair

 Got a faux hawk and let it star growing to natural after this Then it was a bad cut with normal hair (No pic)

Then I colored it white (loved it though this pic is kinda shitty)

 To make up for the shit picture Then I got my hawk! The side hair thingys went to far back so I shaved those down later. My shaved sides were a 3 Then it grew a bit Then it turned purple and that's how it is now

Digging the short hair, and thats a pretty rad hawk you got going there.


I Started out always having shoulder length hair. (Grade 9, 2008) Natural summer highlights.

Then I chopped it off to a bob (2009 Grade 10)

That grew. and colored dark auburn

I chopped it to a bob again. ( I loved this hairstyle) (2010 Grade 11)

I let it grow out again. And a lot of blonde

My stylist f**ked up my hair. Not what I asked for (Grade 12 2011)

I fixed it myself and put red in.

Changed the red to purple for my graduation. The purple faded to grey, (I loved it) but my mother didn't.

Grew it out and gave myself a mohawk. and dyed it dark brown

Bleached the sides golden and added a light copper in the front.

Chopped off the Mohawk myself :( Regret it now, and bleached it yellow blonde. (2012 before starting Hairdressing school)

Added purple and green to my fringe.( at school)

Shaved it bald. Only picture though, wore hats for 3 months. (Shave for the Brave)

Grew over the summer and added blonde. The blue is colored hairspray. Ended up shaving the back and sides. never touched the top.

Added more blonde and shaved the sides to grow out the back.

Added pink to one side and shaved a design. (Another design on my page) and you can see the back growing. (Current)

had awesome hair as a little kid

long hair up to the end of 8th grade

don't have any pictures on my computer though

then i cut it shoulder length then shorter and shorter...

didn't keep this too long, loved it but i got bored

got a short bob, then it got fucked up and i cut it real short

wore it short for a while and let it grow out a little

got a baby hawk

this is what it looked like down

let it grow out more and cut the sides shorter

it grew more

and more

it got real long and i grew my bangs enough to do a sort of pomp

it got long enough to cover the shaved sides

i grew a mustache

went blond and found out bleached hair so much easier to fan

tried purple bangs and purple tips

lost the purple and grew out some of the black

went back to all black

and now i'm a red head

Coolest. Transformation. Ever.


Just realized i watched your video on using elmers glue for hawks.
Thanks for getting me into DJQ btw.

A few more. This man in Baltimore was very perplexed by the hawk.
More shows!

Me around 18 a couple months after giving myself a mohawk and deciding to try bangs.

And me deciding to never try that again.

A couple months later I decided to experiment with colours, it was cool.

Got bored after about four years and grew out the locks for awhile.

Went purple.

And then watermelon green ^.^ One of my faves!


Not one of my faves. Decided I fricken hate long hair and chopped it off about a year ago. It was a good decision. I had a pixie cut for a few weeks and then shaved the sides.

 Fresh mohawk around June last year.

And now, fresh with a red dye and a bleachy chemical burn. Thank god it was gone before my birthday...

2010, before i listened to good music

and then 2011 the same month

the start of 2012..


and then the start of 2013

and myself now without the hawk:

and with the hawk:

That's really cool, the blue is awesome!



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