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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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This was an awesome idea, my story's going back over 6 Years lol

First time I died my hair a crazy color was grade 8 and it was orange.

(Back when I only wore massive t-shirts)

I let the orange fade out and grew my natural color back out then started grade 9 and wanted it pink, so I mistakenly went to the hairdresser and paid $90 to get it done only to have them bleach it, tell me it's all dead and cut it really short before I could have a say in it and then it faded out the next day. Then I discovered the wonders of punky color and did it Rose Red

I kept it pink for a while then bleached it and tried Lagoon Blue, which looked nice...

Untill it faded.

(aha, only picture of it faded I seem to have, it was my friends birthday, don't ask lmao)

After that horrid blue I bleached it out to a really orange color, and kept it bleached for a while.

That's mah kitty Havoc btw.

I redid the pink again in time for Halloween (can you tell I love having pink hair?) It was around this time when I first tried to convince my parents into letting me get a hawk, It didn't work.

after a while I wanted to try something new so I bleached it out again and did it Spring Green

(I jacked my friends glasses and was pretending to be her in the photo)

I went back to buy more dye but they only had Apple Green so I did it over top and got this awesome color that I have no pictures off >;p

Then I was trying to get a job and having no luck with pink hair, so I'd caved and dyed it black.

It was 'reto day' at my school. My friend is wearing my pants cause he's awesome :)

Bouns picture cause it's amusing.

Failed at getting a job, gave up bleached it an did it Atlantic blue for a while.

Then started job hunting again and did it black again, because of all the 'normal' hair colors I look best in black :D

I grew some balls finally told my mom I wanted a hawk and weither she helped me or not was not gonna stop me, so she helped me cut it off the first time (Because I didn't want to fuck it up, and with my previous experience with hairdressers I wasn't about to let them do it.)

and this was the first time I put it up

Bleached it again.

I wanted to go back to that awesome green I had, only I messed up and forgot I'd dont the apple over the spring green and it came out way darker then I'd wanted.

More bleaching and I wanted to have a nice intense red, and after checking around I figured Poppy Red would give me the color I wanted, I was wrong. It came out pinker then the pink I had before >;p

(I look reaaally awkward cause I've got like 3 people taking pictures of me, it was my grade 12 graduation.)

Then I did Flamingo Pink over it, figured I might as well just go with the pink for a while again.

and tomorrow I'm going to fix up the pink and cut like 6 inches off and get rid of the Chelsea. Might keep the little sideburns though.
the panty-hose on your head made me laugh for about seven seconds or so. no fucken joke. lolz!
I don't even remember why I did that lmao.
My boyfriends going to have a hayday when he see it, cause he already hates my hawk and thinks they are stoopid >;p
Yea haha, That's exactly what he did this morning. Wouldn't be surprised if it was partly cause of my hair. I got it cut after so he hasn't even seen it and probably never will.
Yea.. I think the side burns are a little too long though. I'll get a picture in like 5 minutes if my camera charges enough.

Before recoloring later at night

And dowwwwn.
after redying it.

Pictures suck because I used the wrong setting on my camera so I had to brighten them up and now they are all grainy.

It's also a lot more purple this time >:p

and by too long I mean too thick
Lol I don't know if I trust my self enough to buzz just a tiny amount off.

And I don't think he dumped me because of my hair, I just know he never liked it. I guess it was going to happen eventually, we dated for a year and then broke up for a week then he asked my out again and we dated for 6 more months. So I'm kinda hoping he asks me out again, but I guess I'm not holding my breath. But then agian my parents started dating at 17 and 18 and broke up 3 times then got married and have been married for almost 30 years now. (my parents are kinda old, they waited 10 years of being married before having me.)

he dumped you over hair?
what a shallow dick.
But do you really wanna be with him, if that's really the reason?
I don't think that was the real reason but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a factor. No matter, I think I've fallen for someone who thinks my hawk is dead sexy :) and he let me give him one while he was here visiting.
:D thanks Dom!
I LOVE the green, so so so so so much.
You don't even know.


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