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Let's see some pics of people's hair, and how it's changed over the years, hm?  C:

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lol Which one?
The dark one that you don't like. D:
If I could steal anyones hair right this moment and successfully mount it to my head it would be yours in that picture.
Awe Thanks! lol it was just Punky Colors Apple Green on straight bleached out hair. Uh, I used Roux Bleaching powder and I'm not sure what peroxide but that bleaching powder sucks now cause they made it 'lighter' or something and added mint smell to it. I just know it used to take 1 package but now I need to bleach it like 2 to 3 times to get all the color out.
Im a little pouty because I need to refrain from any "unnatural" stuff in my hair until I can find a job that doesn't mind.
I tried that by having black normal Hair and failed still so gave up and have this 'if they don't like it don't hire me attitude" Which is probably a bad idea haha
Yeah, I'm struggling with my hair. The box of razors under my sink just look sooo tempting. The only thing thats keeping me away from them is my current length, its like 2-3 inches...maybe. But would be somewhat similar to my first one...

Crappy Mini Hawk

Lil longer blonde hawk

Bright Green Hawk

Pink Hawk

Current Hawk (about 9in, with leopard print)

That green is crazy intense.
Yeah, what the fuck dye is that.

HA!..... yea it was pretty awesome, sad to say though, its just a stray on color, it was just a one day thing for st. patricks day last year. it was a pretty cheap brand i think, "something russell" it think? you can get it at any cvs or walgreens, places like that
fuuuck yeah! that's what i was thinking


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