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i dissagree with the whole religiose underside of these riots but throwing trash and bins on the pigs made my day to see :)

any1 involved or wittness things ?


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well i get involved with roits n shit and pigs alllways miss use there power ive never net one that dont. and im northen irish and tbh if i was livin there with all the shit n povety n bollox wtf wudnt u riot sum1 who wudnt in my opinion is setteling for the system
thats a very hateful piece of writing there sir xxx
well sweet cheeks i belive that evry1 has the right to riot evry1 has the right to do whatever they want they just hav to deal with what others may think and or belive and darling u can

you hav the right to murder and steal its wether u actualy are stupid enuff to do either of those things for only personal gain  

anyway i realy canne be fucked with this bollox im too shit faced to even tuype right not that i can spell anyway right? 

i think u shud open ur mind u sound a very closed off sorta person  and thats never a happy person xxx


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