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Anyone, any band, any genre  any song that always pisses your neighbors off?

 Mine go mental with any thing with a bass beat. and of course any Exploited. 

it is a pity really as I'm only trying to educate them in the fine art of AMAZING MUSIC, then they go play that bieber SHIT and i want to kill them, ungreatful asses. 


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rage against the machine gets them going. always :L
and a bit of sex pistols. and your right. when they play there shit. i play mine. louder. ;D
yeshhhh. good lad =D
hahaha nooo that is the kinda shite they like and listen to. ugh.
hm? they?
yeah the next doors like rebecca black.
Holy crap, I didnt think anybody liked her! Try this
Hahaha, yeah they are demon spawn neighbors they were blearing it out at like 4am a while back.

My friend was going to university and had these neighbors that would play really horrible rap music really loudly all the time. 


so he went online and downloaded the mosquito frequency (or something near it, basically a high frequency that can only be heard by those of a young age) and he BLARED IT through his speakers. 


This shit will make your ears bleed.


This video is different high pitched frequencies, they should get worse and worse the more you progress through the video. anyway, yeah he just blared that shit... and no one knew where it was coming from and it could over power any kind of music because it was so high pitched. 


he's such a shit head. :P




My friends dad also mentioned some really strange song and was like "i bet you can't sit through the whole thing" it was pretty awful... there weren't any lyrics... just strange noises that started to make you want to beat your head against the wall after awhile... I'll ask my friend again and see if he remembers the group that made it. 

NICE. hahha yeah i have heard of that noise nad heard it, i have tenitus though so i cant listen to it other wise my ears ring and i start going dooolallly.. =D

Alien Sex Fiend!


Oddly, no one seems to appreciate it when when I start blasting my ASF records; fuckers have no taste...

UNF Nik Fiend. yay.


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