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woman and men time to come out if you want...I wont be shocked much by women coming out but men itll be like oh because im not use to men admitting stuff like that especially the macho types



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if there not into the punkrock lifestyle they dont count haha

why not

i dont catch heat for it but i dont really identify with a gender or sexuality either
Totally with you on that.
you seem mad cool ima add ya charlie
Im the same :)  its the person though not what they have in there pants
Hah see, I actually find women far more sexually attractive. But men definitely have the appendages that make it easier x3
same here i few men sexually attractive and its getting to know them that makes me attracted to em
charlie you give head b4?
Me  too,  But i can love anyone,
same here and i agree with ya on that chasity'scunt


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