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woman and men time to come out if you want...I wont be shocked much by women coming out but men itll be like oh because im not use to men admitting stuff like that especially the macho types



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been seeing this girl, and just found out she's lesbo but at the same time wants to be with me, wtf is up with that? haha
i feel the sameway
she thinks your pretty tyler haha
I looove GIRLS IM SO BI im almost a lesbian lol i say im about 51% in to men and 49% in to females so yeah lol
Me im bi but I usually amn rally more attracted to girls but i always go through these bisexaul moments and get very attracted to men haha
not one guy has come out on here yet well accept for

I'm sort of genderqueer. I like looking pretty but I don't feel feminine. I've dated guys mostly because the girl I was with hurt me real bad. She was my first love, left me for a man. She was the president of our GSA but she's such a hypocrite. She married some ugly dude and got baptized which apparently makes you no longer bi.

Any other ladies every bind? I hate being looked at like an object, men can be so creepy. No offense to you guys, you're not creepers, well the majority on here haha.

hahah.. I'm bi.. almost like 90% lesbian... i use guys for sex then i love girls.. its weird, and i feel like such an asshole after.. but if women had penis's i would be 100% lesbian.

Im bi...


and im a female to male transgender...

half gay!
I know people that are gay, but not PUNKS! Oh fuck. A gay punk? That's just a disgrace to what punk stands for. I've heard of being different, but DAMN.



'cause, otherwise, srsly dude ,':|


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