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woman and men time to come out if you want...I wont be shocked much by women coming out but men itll be like oh because im not use to men admitting stuff like that especially the macho types



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gender dont matter to me but men are such closet cases sumtimes..I prefer my women way more then guys and oh im kinda in a relationship too..Not a open 1 to me//
yeah?? i couldn't commit, because it just hurts too much when the commitment wears off, and she has the same problems, i wanted to be able to call her mine, but not have the responsibility or the pain of having to deal with a full out relationship, and she felt the same, so we decided to do old school dating where you aren't exclusive and you date multiple people, but it just wasnt satisfying enough so we decided an open relationship would be best. :) and i don't consider anyone else mine, but if i kiss someone at a party, i don't have to feel guilty about it.


 Men are not closet cases. Anyone who is involved in gay relations can pick up on things that a hetero guy would otherwise be oblivious. We don't need to 'come out', we just know.

 The 'macho factor' is immaterial. Just the fact that voilence is targeted largely to gay guys, you gals get to go on your merry way like bonobo's while us dudes have more fear to deal with.

 Macho....alrighty then....



Gender: Agender

Sexuality: Straight


honestly i think im staright to but only 95 percent of the time..hard to explain

nah that makes sense...

ever heard of the kinsey scale? ^

I've seen girls who i find attractive, i could possibly see myself being in a relationship with a girl but i cant see it going any further than kissing where as with guys i can see myself going all the way and even spending the rest of my life with them. 


meh, idk... there's just something about a man that drives me crazy. Thats why whenever im asked about my orientation i just say that I'm straight even though i can appreciate an attractive woman when i see one.

I suppose if I had to call it something I'd be bi-curious as I've not yet had the pleasure of being with a chick lol
ive haad play with a guy and didnt like it and since then id get attracted to guys once in a blue but do not wantem to touch me at all
yep im gay and proud ha!
thats awesome and embrace everything nomatter what!
well I guess seeing as I am a chick it doesn't really matter, but I am completely Lesbian. Have never and will never be with with a guy. They are great friends but they just don't do it for me at all. I will always love a women's curves.......
well, I'm gay all the way up untill now... but the thing is that untill recently I only came across straight punks and so on or typically gay men, which both don't work obviously... but now I've got to know some other gay punk/squatter/... guys and finally I don't feel as out of place anymore I guess :)


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