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woman and men time to come out if you want...I wont be shocked much by women coming out but men itll be like oh because im not use to men admitting stuff like that especially the macho types



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same here
if you have to put a title to it i would have to say bisexual polyamorous.  basically i love everyone, most of the time i end up in a monogamous relationship though.
sexuality's are all bull shit. fall in love with who ever the hell you want.
thats howw i look at it too.Sexuality is bs and fall in love with whoever you want
I dated this bisexual woman before and let me tell you that was the most fun I ever had while dating,she took me to party's I never knew could exist,lol sex party's and all kind of crazy fun shit,(sigh),,I miss those times,,,I even managed to somehow pick up a gay stalker even though I'm not gay or bi,I'm just one nice good unbiased person who he felt he could bring over to his side lol
Nemean Lion you bi? ps my girl is bi well she says shes not anymore but she used to be
no just super unbiased,,meaning anyone can be my friend no matter what the hell you are how you look or who your screwing I'm just you friendly neighborhood lion who loves everyone,life is to damn short to be close minded and ignorant
oh thas cool I wish I had a friend like you man...

I always been bi I blame my parents for that, hippie kinder garden haha! 

well im bi but i guess im more bi-curious. girls just generally are better kissers and i prefer their company but couldnt imagine settling down with a girl. everything above the belt is fair game.
girlss like to get there pussy eaten
Well, I'm attracted to girls but I've never had sex with one. So I sorta consider myself as bisexual, and then not since I haven't had a relationship with a girl. But maybe some day.


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