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woman and men time to come out if you want...I wont be shocked much by women coming out but men itll be like oh because im not use to men admitting stuff like that especially the macho types



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yeah kaas your bi as long as your attracted to both genders even if its only one of a guy and a 100 girls or the other way around ya know
Weeell, maybe you're right.

I never had any interest in having sex with men or women.  I don't see the attraction below the belt, tbh. The whole intercourse idea was always a turn-off for me.  I also have no interest in kissing or masturbation.


My sexual drive is more to do with guys having power over me with sneakers and boots and a sense of fun with it.


The trouble for me is going through the whole explaining process and convincing folk that there isn't anything more of what they expect. heh  I get tired at times of that and feeling insecure about what others fear/expect from me - from across the straight/bi/gay spectrum.


Though, obviously, it's easier talking to gay folk and open-minded women 'cause they aren't fearful.  But I prefer the strength and machismo of straight guys 'cause they have more of a power aura and they don't want sex from me (though not all gay guys want sex either).

Well, I think it's a need to be helpful or submissive, I guess you could say.  I like seeing that joy in guys when they know they have power over me.  I gain satisfaction when I know they enjoyed their power/control with their sneakers/boots.  Somehow I doubt that's going to help fully understand everything though. =)  Still, worth a shot.
Are you asexual?

Sorry, I wasn't getting notifications on this thread. =)  But now I've returned to have a look at it.


Am I asexual?  I had a few discussions about that with gay guy's and women who thought I might be.  I have difficulty with accepting the term.   Even though I have zero interest in sex, I still have an inbuilt desire for guys to have power over me with their sneakers or boots.  As in standing on me, pinning me or wiping them on me. heh

Crazy sounding I know!  It took me much thinking to come to terms with it all.  But I see my sexual need as cross-wired to another aspect of sensation, I guess control of pain, but nothing to do with sex/kissing. =)


I'm sure I've probably confused more folk with that!  It's never easy to sum up something inbuilt. :)  But fun to discuss.

I have no interest in men or women either. In our sex-crazed modern world, it makes my day to day life very difficult sometimes.
I can empathise with that.  I find it very difficult at times dealing with ensuring I don't frustrate folk interested in me for sex.  And yet, it's really hard at times to explain what I do have a desire for 'cause either they look at me like I'm crazy or it's not important or enough for them. heh
wow soo your a virgin kobalos?

lol back I return, late to reply to everyone!


Yes, I am a virgin :D  That never worried me, since it's not important to me.  It's a difficulty though, 'cause I have to avoid advances like that and it's never easy putting folk off without hurting/frustrating them and I know all about being frustrated 'cause it's hard to make folk believe in what I do like is all there is to it! ^_^

well if that's true you just shit all over my philosophy.. you really are one of a kind bro!

Not one of a kind - but rare yes.  I've met similar people to myself both in real-life and on the net.  Of course, if you add in other people with different fetishes it increases the number of folk not interested in sex.  It would be interesting to know just how rare though... :/


One thing I've learnt through reading and talking with people is there's a huge variety of folk out their, now very little surprises me. heheh


Now I'm curious about your philosophy...maybe I shouldn't ask? =)


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