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woman and men time to come out if you want...I wont be shocked much by women coming out but men itll be like oh because im not use to men admitting stuff like that especially the macho types



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I'm somewhere on the bisexual spectrum, to put it simply: I'll screw anything with a pulse and an orifice that is the same species as me. 
I tend to prefer girls over guys, I've always found their bodies more interesting and a vagina is a fuckload easier to get into than an anus. 
Seriously, it's like trying to break into a bank vault with a fuckin spoon, even with lube.
Unless you're goatse's boyfriend, it's a literal pain in the arse.

i prefer pan sexual. it was a greek way of thinking, tht said gender had nothing to do with love, it was about who the person is. ive been with men and women alike, and some was good some wasnt, withboth genders. so it really doesnt matter.
I guess i'm bi. I'm open to whatever.
Well, I'm not lesbian or bi, but I totally dont care, if somebody is gay, lesbian or something.. My mom is a bisexual, so she teached me and my sister to dont care about things like this. I often kiss girls because its just fun, and the boys love that. I know so much punk girls who are bisexual, but I dont know any boy, I dunno why..

Be yourself, and dont care about anything else, or anyone else.
I'm an other, does that count? :D


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