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ok, I just bleached my hair for the first time, it's pretty light but there’s still some yellow in it because I had red in before I bleached it. I’m kind of scared of it getting really yellow as time passes. how can I keep it as light as possible for as long as possible? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In my experience once you bleach it the tone won't change, it's not like hair dye where it fades and such. It generally should stay the colors it is now until you either dye over it or it grows out..

that's what i thought, but my friend scared me cuz she said the water here where i live will start making it look coppery. and i don't want that.


these are the shades your hair should go through as bleaching takes place. if you start from a very dark state, it may take two bleachings to get it to the lightest, and if you want rid of the yellowy look, you will need a toner.
Do you think its even possible to bleach black hair? I've tried a couple of times and ended up getting the whole scale at once lol
Of course it's possible but it's really bad for your hair!
aww but i want to dye it too :'(
You could bleach it then do some intense repairing before bleaching it again if it needs it. High volume developer will help get it lighter.

i didn't think it was possible, but my hair is platinum now. it had to be bleached twice and then i had to use toner to get the yellow out. and that was with my black hair dyed dark red.

so it's possible. my ends did fry a bit tho.

You can use a purple toner to make it like white but once you bleach your hair it stays like that and when you put dyes in it and wash it, it will just wash out to the bleached color.
Example: I bleached my hair till it was blonde or yellow on the chart.I then dyed it blue ........... time went on and the blue washed out and it went back to the blonde.

yea i was able to get my hair platinum with a bit of yellow from where it had been dyed red, but people kept telling me it was gonna start getting yellow with time, and i want it to stay light.


if there is a lot of minerals in the water you could have your hair start to get kinda orangey, but there are special shampoos for blondes that stop that from happening, plus regular use of purplish toner (i do it once every few weeks) will also help keep it fresh looking, and if you go to a beauty supply store they sell treatments too

ah awesome. im gonna look into buying some of that stuff. thanks.



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