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I like to have my boots on the summer but i have an extreme fotsweat (but only when i wear the boots) so i wounder if ther are some sort of socks or something that can reduce ot take out the sweat permanently that i can use in my boots so my feets dosen't stink like a looker room in high school. please help me !

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my dad uses this foot powder crap that he puts in his shoes.. he used to make my sisters use it when they had smelly feet too haha.. maybe look into something like that?
i did get a tip; talkinpowder, my dad used it when he was in the military service (not only my dad but every one in his company, and it works :D
Goldbond and scented stuff works just as good if you're feeling fancy.
Its a powder you can put in your shoes that reduces the smell + dampness.
i have buyed some sort of powder that's 30 times more efective then talk, and it works relly good
scholl super asorbent but i don't now wher to find it cuz i buyed it on a local shop at my grannys town "åker" and the shop name was "börsen" so i don't now wher to find it in norway
baby powder is the same thing as talk, just so u now (:


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