Mohawks Rock

I'm curious on what a guys' opinion is of a girl with a mohawk.

Girls welcome to post their expeirences on what a guys reaction to them is as well.


My boyfriend loved mine at first. He would even help me shave it. Then I let it grow out for a while, and when I got my mohawk back, he had a fit (and not in the good way). He keeps asking me when I'm going to get rid of it. (Which is probably never)


Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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I think girls look awesome with a Hawk, especially Chelsea Hawks! Considering there are no girls or guys around me within a 100 mile radius with a Hawk, I am kind of all alone, but that's okay. I am cool with my Hawk! My girlfriend doesn't like my Hawk, but she has kind of come to the conclusion that I like it and it's staying so has kind of layed off the comments and such. :-)

Hey, it's cool, I'm the only person with a mohawk where I live too. I get alot of mixed comments about it as well, from "What the fuck happened to your hair?" to "Dude, your hawk is getting taller, awesome!" I believe I've pushed the "my mohawk is staying" statement to my boyfriend enough to where he's calmed down a bit. :p Although, he did make fun of me the other day when it started to fall a bit, and the tips were curling, and decided I looked like a rooster.

I'd love it if my girlfriend would get a mohawk! Which is probably never, but her hair is nice as it is. But I love it when girls have mohawks.

Chicks with mohawks ftw. XD

i approve!

Well my experience is lol cool guys dig the hawk. My husband helpes me shave mine. He wasn't cool with it at first, but nobody was. So my opinion is that cool guys like girls with mohawks :)

well i think its very sexy. a lady with a hawk is dangerous looking and hot. some more traditional guys just can't let go of the long flowing hair. but i think u look hot with it. but in thee end it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. its what makes u happy that counts love  bye bye ;)

My bf wants my long hair back, but he loves me with my hawk as well, and he doesnt care about it. a lot of guys likes girls with hawks. i wont change myself for a guy..

Awesome! Keep your Hawk Luca!! 

Well you've definitely picked the wrong site to ask this question. I think your answers are going to be a little biased :P

Most ordinary guys aren't going to be a fan of them. 

It takes a very special man (like the guys on this site) to see beauty in a woman who doesn't follow societies' rules of how a woman should look. 

I had a lot of issues with everyone, not just guys. Particularly hard on my family too when I turned down a modeling contract with a big american agency because I felt that expressing myself through my appearance was more important than "looking pretty".
It kills everyone really, i always get reminders of how pretty i used to be, or how pretty i can be, how i should dress/look/etc.

Just another thing that makes you feel like you don't own your body... shitty feeling. 

Anyway after years of dating assholes I've actually found guys who think their girlfriend's are beautiful no matter what, and one of them currently has my heart. :D

SO If any guy wants you any other way then how you are, then forget about him. I promise you there is someone there who loves you for exactly who you are. 

it's not the hawk but the confidence a girl has wearing a hawk in public I find sexy as hell :)

I love the looks of them on most people , just have to be brave to pull one off when nobody else has one.


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