Mohawks Rock

I'm curious on what a guys' opinion is of a girl with a mohawk.

Girls welcome to post their expeirences on what a guys reaction to them is as well.


My boyfriend loved mine at first. He would even help me shave it. Then I let it grow out for a while, and when I got my mohawk back, he had a fit (and not in the good way). He keeps asking me when I'm going to get rid of it. (Which is probably never)


Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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girls with extreme haircut are awsome if you consider all girls to be like living doll duplicate of each other in my cuntry all same mini cloths legging super jeans long hair even the fat girls dress the same well it as well with boys fuck tard doll fashion is ugly as hell i dont find those people intresting eungh

Ive an obsession with hawks xD and I'd be lieing if I said my heart didnt skip a beat everytime I see a girl with a hawk haha but so far of the 2 girls Ive met with hawks irl I dated both and loved it. best hairstyle a girl can have imho

Ugh I've never had a guy like my mohawk. My last boyfriend was very sweet about it, but I knew he didn't like it. I've had so many guys tell me how beautiful i would look without a mohawk, ink, and my style of clothing. Oh well, I get tons of compliments from strangers so I just do my own thing :)

Well, I am a guy and I like your Hawk, so there! :-) My Girlfriend doesn't really like my Hawk either so I know exactly what you are saying. But our Hawks are part of us, so either take us with our Hawks, or don't. 

generally (almost always) guys tell me that they like my mohawk because it's "different" and "sexy"

but a few guys have said, and I quote, "you'd look really hot with long hair."

I chalk them up to being assholes. I LOVE MY MOHAWK!


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