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what is your honest opinion of it?

because i hate it.

it sucks ass 

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I think theres a topic about it already up- if not then I'm thinking of another website.

I'm not a fan of it myself depending on ones definition of it. Allot of people use it as an insult, which is about as stupid as calling something gay.  

If you mean "pop-punk," this can also be broken down into 2 catagories: pop (textbook definition) as in popular (Bad Religion, Leftover Crack, Rancid, etc) and as in (slang definition) "poppy sounding" (Greenday, Blink 182, Sum 41, etc). 


I think bubblegum is on the fence between both, but leans towards "poppy sounding," which I don't like, but another persons definition might not be the same as the way I've always heard it used.



And excellent response. :]

wait... there is punk rock bubblegum?

shit ive been chewing the wrong kind this whole time.


where can i buy it? hot topic?  

^ this
It's like there's a rebellion in my mouth, and my tastebuds are revolting :D

lawl xD

Only type I ever like is 'SICK BUBBLEGUM'
everyone has different tastes in music... I just enjoy my own stuff and don't really care about who or what other people are listening to or like.
hey i listen to greenday blink and sum 41. they sound good sometimes to me but then again i still listen to lamb of god and dying fetus. both ends of the spectrum lol

im talking of  bubblegum punk like avril lavine and dollyrot not "pop punk"




no really why are you even asking this question?! -_-

I'm sure you already know everyone's answer. she sucks, and who the hell is dollyrot?

have you ever heard of care bears on fire? friend showed them to me on you tube once... first time i envied deaf people.

seriously, every time i hear them i get violent thoughts. :[


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