Mohawks Rock

what is your honest opinion of it?

because i hate it.

it sucks ass 

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I started listening, and I was thinking "Oh, this isn't THAT bad. It sorta reminds me of The Donnas." Then I made the mistake of looking up other songs by them. I think the Donnas have at a little more attitude at least. This band just sorta made me cry. The band needs more substance.



On the subject of bubblegum punk: It's a hit or miss affair. I absolutely love bands like Blink 182, Green Day, Lagwagon and The Ataris though. And I don't necessarily think that you have to sacrifice loving real punk to like these bands. Most of my friends that listen to punk music can go from Cocksparrer to Blink without even thinking about it. (This has actually happened to me.) I guess it's a matter of preference.

i don't know about all that all i know is..  i just think "pop" and "punk" should never be in the same title because theya re completly difffrent

 bubblegum punk is the same thing only stupid girls dressed in shit from walmart with plastic studs. and a  fake piercing in their face. i just think its supid.  love it or hate it its just my opinion. im more for the haredcore punk  or the  power viiolence or  aomthing grindy and knarly i can get down on. not somthing you stand there to nodding your head as they sing about  emo shit. i jsut honestly think that type of music is a waste of time. but i will say this .slum 41 blink182 and lagg waggon are okay but i wouldnt say they are "pop punk"

what the hell is that shit.-.-

 that sounds like  my friend when he  is throwing up or taking a violent shit. 
not literally but it sucks .


asked the question because i truly had nothing better to do and it happened to be a question lingering on my mind. and obviously dollyrot is dollyrot a shitty bubblegum punk band.



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