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Hey there! California punx where are the best chill spots in this state ?? I just moved to Cali and live in Oxnard and this place sucks! Theres a small scene but everyone in it is a self absorbed piece of shit and the punk girls are all cunts. Where are some good punk communities at?? Nor cal? LA? Oakland? anyone have any good suggestions on where to go and visit?? I really wanna go up north and experience the nor cal punk scene since I've never been there, also merry crustmas! ladies on here, you rule! ;p

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Yeah I'd be interested in finding out too any cool places in Cali. I'm trying to orgainise a holiday to LA around March. I'd like to know what venues are around that put on good gigs. Do people travel far to go to gigs over there? 

And whats the best way to get to gigs there? Do people take public transport or drive?

Is there any blog or street press magazine that lists gigs there? I only found this one . 

I am still in the early stages of planning but I'd like to see D.I and Battalion of Saints at a venue called Webers Place. Looks like a bitch to get to from downtown LA with 3 busses and a train hahh I think i can understand why everyone drives lol

I'd like to also see English Dogs and The casualties...but i think i should be able to walk to that venue.

Yeah I'm surprised there isn't a better way other then word of mouth. I can see theres plenty on but who knows about smaller things?

Someone should do something like they have in San Francisco with . That was soooo useful when I was there. 


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