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ok so i hear alot abou the protest everyday, but all the news media i see it on never really explains it, and i couldnt find the back story on the internet either. help me ou a little? tell me what you know, what youve heard, and your opinions about the protest.

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 What's to tell, the middle Class and poor are sick and tired of the super Rich and Corporate Elite getting all the money.

The Government is screwing us all, including the Police they send out to kick our asses and the military that they send to get killed. OCW is Hopefully the beginning of a long needed revolution!

That is a bit extreme, but essentially it is a revolution of the lower and middle class opposing the top elite.

 How is what I stated Extreme. We've been lied to, stolen from, people put out of business by Corporate walmart target type Big Box stores,Factory farming(the most cruel way conceivably to raise animals for food) has all but replaced the common farmer.

     I'm much older than many of you, which by no means to I think that makes me smarter,Wiser, more intelligent or how ever you want to put it because I'm not. I'm in my 30s but I still learn from 18, 19, 25 yr olds as much or more than they can learn from me.We had no computers in our school where and when I grew up.They were just talking about them becoming the wave of the future.Later when a friend got one they had a site called I put some songs on there.But the comps we started out on is like comparing Nintendo to whatever the best game system now is. I'm not a gamer, never have been.

    Along with these great changes in technology there have been changes in the way the Gov. does things. The way the Police does things. Get a picture of a Cop in 1995 and one now. They dress militant like they're ready for battle. I have been beat down by them, while hand cuffed, however it might have been my fault because I wouldn't say what they wanted me too.That didn't make me anti-police it made me Pro-PEACE OFFICER.

   Some of You haven't been around long enough to realize just all the Freedoms we've lost.Especially since the 9/11 tragedy.

     Sorry if I've Babbled as I have a habit of doing so and I hope we can just agree to disagree here because I am in now way attacking or challenging your beliefs.

      What I fear happening very soon is cops dressed as protesters are going to cause trouble to give the riot police a reason to make their move and then Martial Law could be called.

      Do you know there is a new law says we can be locked up under suspicion of terrorism indefinitely but never formally charged. This is exactly what could happen too the Occupants.It says that if you are speaking ill of the country, the Government, or the laws.

This is just one place but it's out there if you look. 


Boy I said a mouthful thar Huh!

If you re-read what I wrote, I was mostly agreeing with you. I'm just not getting where all the extra stuff is coming from. It was like the first and last parts were relevant, and everything else was personal to you. I think what I am trying to say is that it is a generalized revolution, there is nothing specific and no leader to make claims other than what is already being said; the people (again, as a generalized whole) are tired of the elite and big business. It is a money and control issue as far as I can see. I feel like you are giving more than needs to be said, because it is so general, you are singling out Walmart and Target (examples) when it seems to be a lot more than just that.

There is no real unifying argument. It is a lot of people with personal complaints. The most common one I have heard is cooperate greed and how the 1% controls the government/is greedy. Also, as far as I know, there is no real "leader" figure either.

It's about inequality, and hopefully a global revolution.Middle and lower class people standing up to those who have more then enough. Banks control where the money goes and it's unfortunately not being distributed fairly; fighting against corrupted politics, what's actually being shown in a controlled media, etc. Different cities can vary in what the protesters are fighting for, there can even be a difference between Canada and US depending on your beliefs and what you know. ]


Google is your friend. 

Wiki -

What you can do to help -

Adbusters -

Better yet, go to the closest Occupy in your city or area. They'll have the best info for you and how you can help.


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