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I have a rave tonight in bakersfield and am really not to keen on the thought of having a awesome piece to show off and then 3 hours later sulking in a corner cause its come down, lol. So does sweat crash a hawk?

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Not unless you use Knox gelatin. That shit makes your hair razor spikes.
hard to say. it will defiantly weaken it a little. if your dancing that will most likely help towards making it fall over.

but why would that stop you? go to the rave sporting it, and it being down just means you had a great time haha.
i tried aquanet, i gotta say aussie's the only way for meh, but i incidentally was waiting 3 hours in the fucking rain for my friend to pick me up, but i ran home and dried and tugged on my hawk and it self-corrected :D
I use got2b yellow hairspray and that stuff is awesome, i went to the 'as i lay dying' gig on thursday and my mo stayed up all night! It survived the circle pit and the wall of death! Not even a sign of flopping and i was soaked in bodily fluids :P
it can. i went and moshed at a metal concert for three hours and the center did flop to the side by the end. I think the sweat weakened it and getting smashed in a pit kinda brought it down. But the back and front stayed up pretty good.
I went to raves with my Bihawk and they never came down. But even if your hawk does die who cares?!? Just go dance your ass off and have an awesome time!!
yehaw! And pop some drugs.
Or not.. Drugs are bad. mmkay?
agreed, by the end it was my badge of PLUR *3 but i did do drugs so yeah, made it less of a ocd thing.
It depends, I went to a rave and mine lasted fine, and I've been to a show with it dancing to the point of near dehydration haha, and it was still good to go, I'd say go for it.
yes it did to minew when i had it n it did
it sounds like got2be sucks compared to this knox thing i be hearing about.i use got2b spiking hair is nappy


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