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Other than mohawks and good music, I'm really passionate about chemistry (and science in common, but I study chemistry). Are there other people sharing this obsession?

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Btw, As for music, how many of you can relate to streetlight manifesto (ska-punk) or the cat empire (reggae punk). :D

Interest in science, yes - chemistry, I always struggled with.

That's too bad. I get it can be hard, but it can also be so interesting! You even learn to make bombs with manure and sugar if you do it right haha

Bombs?!  Sounds very smelly...wouldn't like to be around when they go off!

I did see some amazingly rapid chemical reactions in a video recently.  There's certainly a lot of interesting things about chemistry, just in school it was much more monotonous and all those chemical bond diagrams and stuff.

But science is very interesting and the net's a great source for learning/seeing it.


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