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I listen to a couple of very humorous radio humor programs - 'The Vinyl Cafe' (CBC Radio) and 'The Prarie Home Companion' (NPR - US). Both are narrative humor, basically storytelling. Both deal with making light of everyday life - family, politics, holidays, etc.

'The Vinyl Cafe' revolves around a family in Toronto who own a record store. They have two kids and a dog. The narrator is Stuart McLean, and he is a fantastic storyteller.

'Prarie Home Companion' is about life in the small town of Lake Woebegone, Minnesota. If you are Scandinavian-American, you'll definitely get the humor. It's funny even if you don't have Scandanavian roots. The post election proram was hilarious as they were tryin to tally about 500 votes, and couldn't get them right. Ficticiously held up the entire results for the state of Minnesota for days.....

Tune in if you can get either program and have a chuckle.

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