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ok so i am getting bored with the solid black hawk, but i have fried my hair too bad to put bleach on it. i have seen this hair color for dark hair at wal-mart, but haven't tried it. so i was wondering if anyone had, and if they had how did it come out. or if anyone knows of any hair color that does well with dark hair so i don't have to bleach it.

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if you go to to beauty supply stores they sometimes have dye thats made to go over black hair, its usually just reds and burgundys but its at least color. you might have luck with some shades of deep red when it comes to box dyes..

now that its summer you might be able to naturally lighten your hair, squeeze lemon into your hair before going out in the sun or if youd rather buy something they sell sprays and things that use the sun to lighten your hair..pretty sure they sell them at places like walmart.

work on healing your hair, deep condition several times a week (at least) with an actual deep conditioner, not just normal conditioner. buy or make your own hair mask and do that once or twice a week. get some hot oils treatments from your local beauty supply (they are very cheap) and do that every few weeks. try not to put it up or do anything that puts strain on it for awhile, no heat styling tools. etc, be nice to your hair!
thanx, yeah i am going to see what sally's might have. most of the damage has grown out really it just messed it up so bad the last time i put bleach in it i'm afraid to do it again i guess.


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