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So, now I just learned that supposable colored laces mean different things. Which I never knew. Honestly I could care less but, now I'm curious to what each color mean?

Also, I'm trying to find green laces but I can't find them ANYWHERE can someone give me a good website or something?

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I wear red laces and I was told that to a skinhead, they would be blood laces, meaning that I would have killed someone. That is not true of me, but anyway, I am not a skinhead. I like to wear red laces on my boots.
I've heard that too.
i want green ones its my favorite color :D
ive herd that but its only in the neo-nazi scene. most ive herd about red is it means anarchist or communist.
You can find bright green laces at Rack Room Shoes, not sure if you have those where ever you are.
I live in Las Vegas and I am pretty sure we don't have one. If we do I never heard of it. ha :)
as odd as it sounds try walmart
White = racism (neo-nazi skinhead thing)
Red = you've killed someone with racist intent
Green = unity (I guess punks say that)

But.. these pretty much only have meaning on steel toed boots.

You can try dying a pair of white laces. It's what I do.

Red can also mean.. if a punk wears them.. that they're ready to fight. If a punk wears white it's like a big FUCK YOU to neo-nazis, and if a neo-nazi wears two red then they'll kill on site. Goooood stuffff. I love Gangland =]
Shit, I didn't know laces had meaning. I pretty much stick to my black laces, though lace them up parallel.

And if how one laces their boots means something, goddammit. xD
haha the shoe store I works at sells them for like a buck? BUT the company's management is filled with douchebags, who tried to make me wait out a snow storm with state of emergency status -.- Fuck them
My latest laces I got from UK eBay shops for about $2 or so:

Meaning? Radioactive Death! ;)

(For the record, they don't use radioactive material, so lose their glow quickly, like half an hour or so...)

Make sure you measure your old laces and get long enough ones to match your shoes/boots!
Those are freaking rad!!!


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