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So, now I just learned that supposable colored laces mean different things. Which I never knew. Honestly I could care less but, now I'm curious to what each color mean?

Also, I'm trying to find green laces but I can't find them ANYWHERE can someone give me a good website or something?

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I once wore white laces to a gig and people kept asking me if I was a skinhead? I don't know...but i guess white laces mean your a skinhead.
No white laces meant you were a white power nazi bonehead. True skins aren't racist.

As a SHARP skin i can agree with alot of the color coded meanings that have been previously posted. I however will wear whatever color I want to. If anyone talks shit they get hit. Anyhow for the most part lace code is dead. I will not assume a skin is a nazi until i see a mark of the number 88, a hammer, or a swastika as a tattoo or on clothing etc.

If a punker comes up to you bitching about your laces, it's not that they think your a nazi these days, its that they want to prove how punk they are by giving you shit. Fuck em' like I said lace code is so passe these days.
Its not like I give a fuck about lace code anyways. But these kids telling me I was a skinhead had new Doc Martens and were wearing shit from hottopic.
I know. Its bullshit.
go figure...a lot of pretentious wankers on the punk scene these days. to me, i feel that attitudes like theirs is what keeps punk music and just the good ideals that they try to advocate from being a realistic vehicle for positive change. punker-than-thou attitudes never got anyone anywhere. And when those fools finally do "sell out" (a term i loathe to use) they will turn into the self righteous corporate pigs they hated so much in the first place.
Totally Fucking Agree
thank you. glad someone does.
Depends. I wear white, red, orange, black, green. To some, color does have meaning. To others, it has no relevence. Just wear whatever you like and don't worry too much about how others percieve you. It's how you perceive yourself that counts.
I got a pair of hot pink laces that fit in my 14-eye boots from here:
or if your not stupid no one gives a flying fuck just wear what you want i have red blue green and white laces on diferent boots and i can tell you now no ones ever called me a nazi and walked away without a fucking kicking im antifa till the end just wear what you want


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