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Is it possible for a mohawk to be "too big"? 
how long do you feel like your hair needs to feel comfortable cutting it into a hawk?

What length do you prefer your mohawk to be?

My hair has to be grown out at least 3-4 inches before I can hack it off otherwise I think I just look ridiculous.

As for how big i'd let it get, i think the tallest I've had was around 10 inches before the shit just started getting in my way and becoming a hassle. 

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But you hate 1" hawks? :P

totally creeped on your profile... sorry, I can't help it :(

So what is an acceptable "short" mohawk? 

like if your mohawk caught on fire one day and you had to end up shaving your head, how long would your hair have to be to cut it back into a mohawk again?

... not meaning to jinx you or anything. *knocks on wood*

This is a matter of personal preference.....sort of like tattoos and piercings.....each individual would have a different length that he/she thinks his/her Hawk should be. Speaking for myself, I think the most I would go with my Hawk would probably be about 6". I can imagine any longer than that might get to be a pain not only to put it up, but driving in a vehicle, etc. But if someone else wants a longer Hawk, go for it.....whatever rocks ya! I started my Hawk at about 1" on the hawk and a #2 on the sides, so you would be fine starting there too if you wanted....Hawks look good any length, just go for it when you are ready! :-)

I prefer my own 'hawk around 6" 'cause at that height it seems to get awkward and unruly - it rebels staying straight and together.  Though, sometimes I quite like it shorter at 3" or so - allows a nice thick brush-like look, you can't get when it's longer.

I find I like most 'hawks from buzz up to around 12" roughly.  Sometimes unless they are really well done, the bigger the 'hawk the more the flaws in it matter or they look too big for the person, or too thin like a plastic fin add-on.  All depends though on how they style it - same for spikes.  But that's just my general personal taste. :)  There are always exceptions where you can't fault the bigger 'hawks and can only admire 'em. =]

I always liked hawks between 6 and 9 inches. Mine is around 7 or 8 on my picture, that was my favourite length, now it's a bit longer, around 8 inches. I never liked short hawks on girls, they are OK for boys I think.
By the way, every hawk look good! :DD

I think the shortest I have had it was maybe around 3 inches.. it was tiny and I hated it but I had a chelsea just before that so I had this horrible fluff ball white girl fro going on lmao. I had to get rid of it so I cut it early and delt with it. That stage is the only thing keeping me from getting a Chelsea again!

As for the longest (and still wearing it up) I think was around 13"-14". I always preferred mine to be long.

I hate the fuzzball stage after a chelsea. I have left my fringe longer before, and still had like an inch of hair and that was a pretty good compromise to that for me. But I miss mine too. 

I have pictures of it somewhere. It was bad. I wore a bandana every day for months while it grew in. I wish there was a way to insta-grow past that state so I can shave my head again!

12". Any taller and I can't sit in a car right. It get annoying to stand it up too if it's really long.


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