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Hey everyone,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I am interested in styling my hair into a mohawk, particularly in the style of a lazy hawk - shaved sides, letting the strip hang off to the right or left of my head and letting it be. My drummer joked about my getting a mohawk and it sparked my interest even more. I'm new to this whole situation and I am not really sure where to begin, much less if it'll even work for me because of my hair type and facial structure. I was told these were two strong factors I'd have to take into consideration because I don't want to royally fuck up my hair and end up having to chop it off. I cherish my hair, hahaha.

As you can see in my profile pic, my hair is shoulder-length, naturally curly. Not tight ringlet curly, but relaxed and wavy in some areas with curl strewn throughout here and there. Will my natural curl inhibit the type of mohawk I want? Or will it play in naturally with the general attitude associated with the hairstyle? I figured I'd ask here on the forums given you guys are experienced. And who knows if any stylist around would even know what they are talking about, much less know how to cut my hair properly. My ex got a mohawk and the stylist ruined her hair. Any feedback and insight is appreciated. 


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I'm in a very similar situation to you in a lot of ways, so I'll let you in on what I've found out while talking with my friend (a professional hairstylist and the only person I let cut my hair):

1) It seems like we have the same kind of hair.  Thick, wavy, long hair.  She says that we would have to thin out the actual hawk a little to make it easier to put up.  With so much weight, it would just fall over.  But since you're not actually intending to put it up, that may not be an issue for you.  I think a lazy hawk looks better with some wave to it, so it's not so thin and wispy.

2) From what I've seen, just about anyone can pull off a mohawk, regardless of their facial structure.  I know firsthand that it's damn near impossible to picture yourself with it, but it seems like one of those styles that anyone can pull off.  And I'd say judging from your profile picture, you would look good with a lazy hawk.

After hemming and hawing for a stupidly long time, I've finally decided to go for it myself right after my finals are over.  Anyway, hope something in there helps.

Thanks a lot for the insight, man. It helped ease my trepidation quite a bit. I don't feel so apprehensive about actually walking into a salon and having it done and sporting it out in public. Very much appreciated! :)

Glad I could help :)

I wouldnt even bother going to a hair salon/place/thing. A hair stylist will just butcher the fuck out of it, you're better off just getting a friend to cut your hair. 

Just part your hair and tie your soon to be mohawk with pony tails to get it out of the way. Trim everything with scissors and then buzz the rest off. take the pony tails out of your hair and you have a glorious lazy mohawk. :]

just remember that it should be an equal width all the way to the back side of your head.


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