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I'm gonna be there, and i expect some of you to be aswell!! >_/p>

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argh typo *crass
typo fixed
Wrong section.
really need to make it so people can't post until they picked a section
I agree. Talk to GMM.

I got a discussion up about it, somebody else might have a better idea.

Moved to the music section
see you there :D
I saw em awhile back, make sure you get there in time to see Goldblade!

Yeah I saw em a while ago too...

Well worth it.

Anyone else going? Really need to find a squat for while i'm there >_<
20 pounds plus booking fee? wont be going, but if you're struggling to find somewhere to stay we squat in a school with plenty of rooms. im sure someone who is going should be able to put you up for the night though, but let me know if things get desperate, more than willing to help out.


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