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Does anyone have any tips for getting a hawk into and then out of a motorcycle crash helmet without causing unrepairable damage ?

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if it's short enough, put it up with Elmers Glue - No Drip formula, and it should pop right back up when you take your helmet off... depending of course on how long it's been in the helmet

Its nearly eight inches on the top now, so I doubt it would be happy to pop back up. I might just have to trim it down for the summer.

Just out of interest, does anyone know what the UK equivalent of Elmers glue is ? Is it like trying to stick your hair up with Bostick and Vaseline lol :o)

Anything over 4 inches doest stand a chance. I had a motorcycle when my hair was only about 3 inches tall, I just didn't wear a helmet and sprayed my hair when I got to where I was going, after my hair got 4 inches the wind had too much effect on it to leave up while riding. 

Only way you can have a mohawk and ride a motorcycle (without cutting your hair shorter) is to carry a hairdryer and hair product and do you hair when you get to where your going

You can't get away with not wearing a helmet here. Even if the police don't spot you, other bikers would have a pop at you for not wearing one.
Elmers glue is just cheap white school glue, you should be able to find the same thing with school supplies at a store. I would reccomend it though, I've used it and it's not flexible. You'd have better luck with a flexible hold hairspray but inside a tight fitting helmet it doesn't sound like a hawks gonna have much of a chance after anything over a few mins.
The only thing I can think it could be in the UK is PVA glue, but I really don't fancy putting that in my hair. Maybe there isn't an equivalent ?

Man PVA glue has got to be the exact same thing! As a Canadian kid i was raised up from the ground on episodes of Art Attack! , and that british dude ALWAYS said PVA glue, but at home in Canada , i was usin Elmers


yeah it is PVA and ummm you might wanna try gelatin?

gelatin isnt a good idea for that. I use knox everyday and when it gets bent too far it can actually break or snap the hair.. ouch!!

I'm going to cut the top down a bit this week. At least it will give me chance to let the back grow out a bit and I can have a full hawk again by winter.
most i can say is dont wear it up. style it with out it being up. or go short mohawk and spike it after riding
You might be onto a new product. A helmet with grooves cut into the top like a bicycle helmet that could meet motorcycle standards. Then you could just wear Liberty Spikes. =)


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