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Does anyone have any tips for getting a hawk into and then out of a motorcycle crash helmet without causing unrepairable damage ?

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I doubt that any helmet with holes down the middle will meet the safety standards. Plus no two mohawks are the same. Its impossible to put up the same mohawk twice.

lol.. like a fingerprint


Uh, not really. Hair is constantly changing, growing, dyed, cut, etc. Fingerprints don't change. But similar concepts I guess.

my mate had a 12 inch hawk that he put in his helmet n it was fine its all about putrtin ur hair up just extra strong

how r u puttin ur hairs up?


My suggestion is to try a deathhawk that you can fluff out after you use a helmet.
yeyeh think pva is the way forward... i used it once and was a pain to remove you gota soak your hair in conditioner but its worth it cos the hair stays up good


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